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Parish Renovation Updates

Sanctuary Renovations 

Sanctuary Renovations are made possible from the One Heart One Soul Capital Campaign 

cracked altar before renovation

Repairing our altar which had cracked over the years due to improper floor support when installed. 

Close up view of pre-renovation crack in base of altar
Preparation to create a new concrete base for the altar

Preparing a solid concrete base for the altar to ensure support - our altar weighs over a ton!

damage to stained glass window
new concrete base for the altar
shows water damage to stained glass window and surrounding area

Repairing and caulking the damaged and leaking windows above the altar - water was coming in through the windows and beginning to damage the mural painted on the wall 

Parish Office 

Renovations in our Parish Office are made possible from an Ex-Corde Grant 

Why is it so important to have a modern functioning office in a parish?

If the Church is the heart of the parish, then the office is the mind.

A well organized modern office allows parish programs, sacraments, groups, meetings, schedules, Funerals, Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Weddings and all the necessary documentation and paperwork to go smoothly. 

Ongoing renovations in the parish office  April 13th - 21st 2023 

office with floor and door removed
office gutted for renovations
gutted office
gutted office showing old pipes

 April 21st 2023 - Present

progress in renovating office
more office renovation progress
interior image showing doors and gutted office
different perspective of renovations
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