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Parish Renovation Updates

Sanctuary Renovations: 2023


Our sanctuary renovations were made possible by the One Heart, One Soul capital campaign.


cracked altar before renovation


Repairing our altar which had cracked over the years due to improper floor support when originally installed. 

Close up view of pre-renovation crack in base of altar
Preparation to create a new concrete base for the altar
new concrete base for the altar


Preparing a solid concrete base for the altar to ensure support - our altar weighs over a ton!

damage to stained glass window
shows water damage to stained glass window and surrounding area


Repairing and caulking the damaged and leaking windows above the altar, because water was coming in through the windows and beginning to damage the mural painted on the wall.

Parish Office: 2023


Renovations in our Parish Office were made possible by a grant from the Ex Corde Foundation.

Why was it so important to renovate the parish office?

If the Church is the heart of the parish, then the office is the mind. A well-organized modern office allows parish programs, sacraments, meetings, scheduling, Funerals, Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Weddings and all of the necessary documentation and paperwork to go smoothly. 

Renovations in the parish office:  April 13-21, 2023 

office with floor and door removed
gutted office
office gutted for renovations
gutted office showing old pipes

Parish Office: April 21, 2023

progress in renovating office
interior image showing doors and gutted office
more office renovation progress
different perspective of office renovations

Renovations Update: May 11, 2024


1. New Fans

We have installed new energy efficient fans in the ceiling of the church, in order to save electricity and money. These fans circulate air very effectively (and quietly), and will help us save on our heating bill by moving warm air down from the ceiling to the pews.


2. New Radiators

We have added 15 new radiators in the church along with insulated piping, enhancing our heating system’s effectiveness. Additionally, we have re-insulated all existing pipes.

3.  Heat Pumps: Air Conditioning Arrives at Last!

In the coming weeks, we will install new dual unit AC/heat pumps for the church. These units will not only provide cheap heat on cool fall and spring days, but also offer air conditioning during the summer months. Please pray for the safety of the workers and a favourable outcome to the ongoing work.

4. Washroom Renovations

There has been exciting progress in our parish hall washrooms! The tiles have been laid, setting the stage for a fresh and inviting space. We are currently installing pot lights and sinks, bringing us closer to completing this important project.

5. Parish Hall Roof Replacement

The replacement of our parish hall roof is scheduled for June, when the weather will be favourable. Our “Raise the Roof” fundraising project is ongoing; thank you so much to everyone who has already contributed!

Additional Repairs & Renovations


Additional renovations and repairs to the church, parish hall, rectory, and parish offices are ongoing, with more planned.

If you would like to contribute toward these expenses, please donate to our Building Fund, speak with Fr. Paul Patrick, or contact the parish office.

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