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About Us

St. Gabriel’s Parish was founded in 1962 under the Resurrectionist Fathers; our great window projects the image of the resurrected Christ over the congregation. 


We are a bi-cultural community with Masses in English and Polish, carrying on the tradition of its founding community to serve both groups.  It is with great gratitude to the pioneering effort and prayers of our original parishioners and the twenty one years of leadership from the Resurrectionists, and the continuing participation of our members and clergy that we celebrate this anniversary. We look forward to the continued celebration of Jesus Christ in our lives.


We pray 


Archangel Gabriel we beseech you to intercede for us at the throne of divine mercy, as you announced the mystery of the Incarnation to Mary, so through your prayers may we receive strength of faith and courage of spirit, and thus find favor with God and redemption through Christ Our Lord. May we sing the praise of God our Savior with the angels and saints in heaven forever and ever. Amen.

Portrait of the pastor
Fr. Paul Patrick O.M.I


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