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Knight of Columbus

How would you like to belong to an organization that:


• Works for the Parish and the community through social and church events to make the community a better place.


•Raises money for charities in the Burlington Area


•Supports our Parish priest while enhancing ones own faith


•Protects and enhances family life


•Builds camaraderie and whose members make friends for life

Knights are Catholic men, 18 years or older who believe in CHARITY, UNITY, FRATERNITY and PATRIOTISM.


The Knights of St. Gabriel’s sponsor the Parish Barbecue, the Parish Picnic, the Burlington Basketball Free throw.  Knights are Ushers, Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers.  They assist the Parish Priest in many other church activities. Money raised by the Knights is distributed to local charities or used for other charitable purposes.


Why not talk to us about becoming a member of this very fulfilling organization that does not demand a large amount of time but gives you the opportunity to support St. Gabriel’s Parish and enhance your own faith.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the many great benefits of becoming a Knight at St. Gabriel’s. 

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