Christmas Wishes

A message from Father Paul Patrick

Nativity Of Jesus - Scene With The Holy Family With Comet At Sunrise_.jpg

“The word became flesh and dwelt among us” John 1:14

Dear Brothers and Sisters, the very first Christmas in Bethlehem was not the romanticized scenario we see often depicted in religious art or on the front of a Christmas card.

Mary and Joseph, a young pregnant Jewish couple were forced to undertake a long and dangerous journey to register for census at the command of the occupying Roman forces. While they were at Bethlehem to register for census, there was no room for them in the local inn and surprisingly, no one would give up their room for a woman about to give birth. Thus, the birth of the Lord took place in an unsanitary and draughty stable surrounded by animals since as the Scriptures tell us “there was no room found at the inn” cf Luke 2:7 We could ask ourselves why it had to happen like this. The reason is that God wanted to be able to relate to us and share in human life with all of its positives and negatives. He wanted to set the example of a perfect life despite the struggles of humanity.

The fact that the Christmas scene is considered a story of hope and redemption instead of a story of misery and hardship is a testament to the fact that through the grace of God even the most difficult circumstances can be transformed into something beautiful and eternal. For as the Scriptures tell us “For nothing shall be impossible with God”. May the Birth of Christ this Christmas illuminate your hearts and allow you, with the grace of God, to rise above difficulties and human frailty and enjoy His
peace and joy during 2022. 

God bless ! Fr. Paul Patrick, OMI