St. Gabriel's Parish Ministries
Altar Servers
Any parishioner in grade four and above is welcome to serve at the Altar.
Altar servers are scheduled for all Sunday Masses, and various other celebrations throughout the Church year. Adults and teens are encouraged to take part in this ministry as well as children. If you are interested, please see Father or call Parish office.
Extraordinary Ministers
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion during Mass if needed, and bring Holy Communion to the sick and elderly. Ministers must be chosen by the Pastor, but if you are interested please call Parish office and ask for the Ministry Coordinator. Ministers must attend the Diocese Training Day prior to serving.

English Ministers Schedule:  
Ministers of the Word
Lectors proclaim the Word of God during the Liturgies on Sundays, and on special Feast Days. Lectors must be chosen by the Pastor, but if you are interested please call the Parish office 905-336-7144 

English Lectors Schedule :     September 12  to November 29, 2020
Our Parish Music Ministry consists of instrumentalists and singers who practice each week, and lead the music at our liturgies on Sundays and Holy days.  New singers and instrumentalist of all skill levels are welcome 
Contact: Parish office 905 336-7144

Sacristans are responsible for the Sacristy, Sanctuary and the Flower room . 
They also help to prepare the church for the major feasts of the year.  
This ministry is open to men and women, and can be undertaken according to your schedule. 
Contact:  Parish office 905-336-7144

Ushers are responsible for the order and decorum of liturgical services. for assisting people in finding seats, taking up the collection, and for welcoming people to our church. This ministry is open to women and men of our parish.
Contact: Parish office 905 336 -7144

Attention Lectors:
Please review the lectors' schedule for the summer months and mark your calendar for the weeks you are scheduled to read. If you are going to be away on a date you are assigned please trade weeks with another lector to ensure coverage.